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foldover shükies

foldover shükies


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Perfect for every season

Incredibly soft yet breathable lining keeps your little angel's feet at a comfortable temperature in summer and winter.

Foolproof Protection

A rubber sole extends above the toes and around the heel, preventing the baby's feet from being hit or injured.

Early development boost

Shukie Foldovers encourage your baby to explore. The booties let your child walk safer, earlier & faster.

Meet the right pre-walking shoe for your baby.

Why choose Shukies?

Through the Shukie Rollover bootie, you can provide your baby with the tools necessary to
make their first steps. Designed to give your child support, grip and security, these cloudlike
shoes are like second skin

Pure cotton knit fabric, soft, breathable and warm, takes care of your child’s delicate feet while a
sturdy gel outsole protects your baby from hard surfaces.

Flexible silica sole

Stable Non-slip Outsole

All-around bump protection

Non-Strangling elastic

Everything your baby needs to walk.

Shukies are the armor your little one needs. Designed to help your child develop control,
stability and agility, they create an optimal environment for walking confidently.

It is a shoe that aids your infant in making the very first steps and so many more.

Shukies benefit you and your baby.

The incredible bootie offers peace of mind to you and the opportunity for your young one to
explore. The pre-walker shoes boys and girls can wear are comfortable, soft, and supportive
every step of the way.

Shukies Foldables

✅ Achieving first steps earlier

✅ Flexible sole for easy walking

✅ Faster and more balanced steps

✅  Safer pain-free steps

✅ Less exhaustion in baby feet

Generic Baby Shoes

❎ No effect/delayed first steps

❎ Firm sole that discourages walking

❎ Clumsy movements that lead to falling 

❎ Exhaustion and discomfort 

❎ Short walking periods

Do Shukies help?

Yes. Shukies protect tiny feet from injuries. Wearing them is the least intrusive way to fight foot drop or prevent flat feet. Your best bet to developing a healthy step in your youngster is through a shoe that provides a perfect fit and an orthopedic design.

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Achieving milestones has never been so easy.

A solid base is extremely important during early development. With Shukies, you can protect
your baby’s feet from hardwood floors, all types of weather conditions, and injuries while
focussing on learning to walk instead.

A step today, a leap tomorrow.

As parents, we want to build the best future for our children. You might still be holding the tiny
little hands today as the feet make their first steps, but shortly, they will be walking on their own.

Give your child the biggest advantage with pre-walker shoes girls and boys can wear, to develop motor functions early, through a solid foundation.

A hit for a baby shower.

With a new addition to the family or your friend becoming a parent, the best present to give is
one that looks cute while providing practical use.

Shukies go a step further, offering a developmental advantage for the baby that is going to be
lucky enough to have you, someone who looks over them.


Shukies are made by parents, for babies. We use a combination of our own knowledge and
experience, as well as consult pediatricians and doctors on a design for a healthy shoe.

The fabric used is pure, organic knitted cotton that creates a breathable and perspiration-free
environment. The outsole is made of non-slip wear-resistant high-quality silica gel.

Stability and grip are increased through flexible yet durable gel cushioning. This raises your
child’s ability to control their movement and lets them avoid falls that could lead to serious injury.

Absolutely. Unlike first walking shoes that are designed only for looks, Shukies are made
specifically to help your little one walk.

Your baby can wear Shukies wherever you go. They are easy-to-wash, great for hot and cold
weather, with a rubber sole that does not pick up dirt easily. been overheated by mistake, you should dispose of the inserts in a normal household waste bin after allowing it to cool to room temperature.

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