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onyx rollover shükies

onyx rollover shükies


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Micro-knit Air Circulation

Shukie bootie socks keep the tears away by maintaining the perfect ventilation in summer and winter.

Seamless Protection

Specially designed to give your baby support, grip and protection, these shoes help your toddler avoid falls.

Early Development

Rollover Shukies encourage exploration through a design that helps your child develop control, stability and agility.

Introducing your baby's first walking shoe.

Why choose Shukies?

Your child’s safety is our first priority. While infants are in this early phase of extreme curiosity,
our responsibility is to keep their toes intact and injuries at bay.

Shukies are the only choice for increased walking control. They offer you peace of mind
regardless of weather conditions and against harsh hardwood floors.

Flexible silica sole

Stable non-slip outsole

All-around bump protection

Non-Strangling elastic

Everything your baby needs to walk.

Your first walking baby shoes should provide every advantage for the little wonder in your life.
Shukies do just that.

A sock design hugs their little feet without constriction, while an all-encompassing flexible rubber
sole creates ideal protection against those treacherous corners. In Shukies, there are no
stubbed toes.

Shukies benefit you and your baby.

There are millions of baby shoes out in the world. Unfortunately, most are for show and have
nothing to do with practicality. Shukies choose a different approach, creating a bootie that looks
cute, wears well and accelerates development.

Shukies Rollables

✅ Achieve first steps earlier

✅ Flexible sole for easy walking

✅ Faster and more balanced steps

✅ Safer pain-free steps

✅ Less exhaustion in baby feet

Generic Baby Shoes

❎ No effect/delayed first steps

❎ Firm sole that discourages walking

❎ Clumsy movements that lead to falling

❎ Exhaustion and discomfort

❎  Short walking periods

Do Shukies help?

Yes. Shukies protect tiny feet from injuries. Wearing them is the least intrusive way to fight foot drop or prevent flat feet. Your best bet to developing a healthy step in your youngster is through a shoe that provides a perfect fit and an orthopedic design.

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Enjoy peace of mind while your baby thrives.

It is extremely important for our newborns to learn and grow at a healthy rate. Shukies improve
your toddler’s ability to walk and control their movements, therefore letting you avoid heartache
and stress.

Your encouragement becomes pure and worry-free when the possibility of head injury is gone.

The right choice today for a better tomorrow.

When you start right from day one, you lay a solid foundation for the future. While you protect
your baby’s feet from hard floors and injuries with these booties, you pave their way into

As time passes by and your child develops healthily, the risk of future issues reduces.

A conscious gift for a new parent.

When your friend or daughter is about to bring new life to this world, the best thing you could gift
is something cute and useful. How about first walking shoes for a baby boy or girl?


You could be the reason a child makes their first steps earlier and faster, in a safe environment.


Shukies are made by parents, for babies. We use a combination of our own knowledge as well
as consult pediatricians and doctors on the design for a healthy and practical shoe.

The fabric used is pure, organic knitted cotton that creates a breathable and perspiration-free
environment. The outsole is made of non-slip wear-resistant high-quality silica gel.

Shukies are the best first walking shoes for a baby girl or boy because of the gel cushioning that
is flexible yet durable and offers 100% padded security regardless of the surface.

Absolutely. Unlike first walking shoes that are designed only for looks, Shukies are made
specifically to help your little one put one foot in front of the other.

Your baby can wear Shukies wherever you go. They are easy-to-wash, great for hot and cold
weather, with a rubber sole that does not pick up dirt easily.

Get your Kudd.ly komfies today!

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